What’s ahead for Elburn in 2011

By on January 7, 2011

by Lynn Meredith
Elburn—2011 will be a year of progress for the village of Elburn as it continues projects begun in 2010 and looks to the future.

2010 Census Results
The results of the 2010 Census are in: Elburn now has 5,278 residents. That figure is up from an earlier census that numbered 4,696 residents. With the population over the 5,000 mark, state law requires that the village establish a police commission, hire an actuary, and go to an elected village clerk instead of an appointed one.

The police commission will be appointed by Village President Dave Anderson. It will take on the duties of hiring and firing of police staff, which is now undertaken by the police chief. The statute also calls for changes to the police pension. Anderson estimates a cost of $100,000 to the village.

“It will cost the village more money,” Anderson said. “How much, we don’t know. We will be getting money from the state, but as we know the state doesn’t have any money.”

Anderson Road bridge
Of the projects to get underway in 2011, the Anderson Road bridge and extension is at the top of the list. Anderson Road will be extended from Route 38 to Keslinger Road, creating a bypass and a bridge over the railroad tracks east of the Metra Station. The extension would go through the Elburn Station Development proposed by Sho-Deen, Inc.

The Sho-Deen development was first presented to the village in January 2007. It would cover the east side of the village from Route 38 to Keslinger Road. Earlier versions of the plan called for a commercial site north of Route 38. The village is continuing discussions with the developer.

“We are in discussions and progressing. Within the next three months, we’ll be ready for a decision,” Anderson said. “There’s a lot of give and take as to right of way. There are a lot of engineering issues.”

Anderson said that the village, the county and the developer do not want to lose grant money that is out there for use in constructing the bridge.

“I’m optimistic that we’ll be in construction a year from January,” he said.

Ongoing services
Anderson plans to continue working on the four responsibilities the Village Board is charged with providing potable water, waste water treatment, street maintenance and police protection.

“These are our main focuses to make sure that we’re doing right. Any additional money left over, we can do other things with, like the ash tree replacements and the sidewalks,” Anderson said. “It’s not a question of not knowing what’s out there (to be done). It’s that we don’t have the funds (to do them).”

One convenience residents can look forward to in 2011 is being able to use credit cards to pay for tickets, water bills or any other fees owed to the village.

Economic development plan
“I’d like to work more closely with neighboring communities, along with the county, to look at an economic development plan, particularly for Elburn because we are the end of the line for the train station,” Anderson said. “I think there are several opportunities to expand on there.”