Circle of love

By on January 13, 2011

When a couple gets married, they usually exchange rings as a symbol of their union. Wedding ring styles can run the gamut from simple gold bands to custom diamond creations. Whatever the choice, whatever the price, wedding rings have long been a part of the celebration, and there are many superstitions surrounding them. Following is a brief description of some of them.

Don’t drop the ring
According to superstition, it is bad luck to drop the ring during the wedding ceremony. Whoever does so will be the first to die. If the ring does happen to get dropped, neither the bride nor the groom should pick it up. Whoever is officiating should. Superstition also has it that a wedding ring dropped in a cemetery that rolls across a grave indicates death—death of the bride if the grave is of a female or death of the groom if the grave is of a male.

Wear the ring on the right finger
In most countries, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger, or the fourth finger, of the left hand. This stems from the ancient belief that the vein of that particular finger on the left hand ran straight to the heart. In other countries, the ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand. This stems from the belief that the thumb and first two fingers of the right hand are sacred to the Trinity.

Don’t take the ring off
Taking the wedding ring off could lead to loss or damage, a sign the marriage will come to an end. Lost or damaged wedding rings should be replaced as soon as possible and vows renewed. In some areas, it is acceptable to remove a wedding ring after the birth of the first child. Superstition also has it that a wedding ring suspended on a lock of hair over the womb of a pregnant woman can determine the sex of the baby. Spinning clockwise denotes a boy; spinning counterclockwise denotes a girl.

Other superstitions
There are many other superstitions regarding wedding rings. Rubbing a wedding ring over a wart or sty will remove it, while sleeping with a bite of wedding cake pulled through a wedding ring will bring dreams of the person’s future spouse. Some couples have a faux wedding ring baked inside their wedding cake. The guest that finds the ring will be married within the year. Pearls are shaped like tears, and therefore, not a good idea for wedding rings. Sapphires and aquamarines, on the other hand, symbolize marital bliss and make an excellent choice for wedding rings.

Of course, all of these are merely superstitions. Brides and grooms do lose their wedding ring from time to time, and while it might lead to some tension with their partner, it usually does not spell the end of their marriage. It gives them the opportunity to get a new ring, perhaps even one better than before. It is fun to learn what superstitions brides and grooms once observed. Many seem silly today, but that wasn’t the case at the time.
by Tresa Erickson, MultiAd