Water, sewer rate increases benefit village

By on January 16, 2011

Elburn—The water and sewer rate increases implemented May 1, 2010, have paid off. Superintendent of Public Works John Nevenhoven said that the increase is keeping the village out of the red.

“It looks like we’re covering our costs. That was the goal, so that we’re not bleeding out,” Nevenhoven said.

Village President Dave Anderson estimated that the village was losing $20,000 each month at the former rate. The village raised the rates from $2.00 per 100 cubic feet to a $5.00 base plus $2.60 per cf for sewer and from $2.69 for water to a $5.00 base plus $3.50. The effect was to double the bills of many residents but bring the village back from the red.

The rate increase has brought in $10,000 on the water and sewer side every month, allowing the village to add $120,000 to its capital fund. Many of the older sections of town are in need of upgrades to systems that have been in place since the 1950s and may have lead in the lines.

“We can go through that $120,000 pretty quickly,” Anderson said.