Public works budget laid out for review

By on January 14, 2011

by Lynn Meredith
Elburn—Public Works, like the other village of Elburn departments, presented to the board on Monday its proposals for spending in the coming year.

“We’re not voting. We’re just discussing at this point,” Village Administrator Erin Willrett said. “These are John (Nevenhoven)’s plans. We need to know if we’re on track or not, so we can find creative solutions.”

Many items were up for discussion as parts of $312,500 requested for water treatment upgrades. According to Nevenhoven, the most important project is to repair a well in the water system.

“Number one on my list to do for next year is for Well 3 to be pulled out, inspected and repaired,” Nevenhoven said. “It should be pulled out every six to seven years. It’s been nine years.”

The well is losing capacity where the water has worn it down, and sand and stone has clogged it. The cost for the project would run $65,000.

Also, the north water tower needs to be cleaned inside the stem and bulb at a cost of $121,500. The north tower and the First Street tower need to be repainted at a cost of $126,000.

“This is not a cheap item to do, but it’s part of the maintenance of the tower,” Nevenhoven said. “Does it need to be done this year? No, but it needs to stay on the radar. Otherwise, we’ve got a beautiful water tower that doesn’t function.”