‘Doc Hall’ building razed

By on January 14, 2011

by Lynn Meredith
Elburn—Drive through downtown Elburn, and you may notice something missing. An empty lot sits where the two-story building on the east corner of North and Main was demolished Monday. The building was owned by a long-time veterinarian in Elburn known as “Doc Hall,” who moved in 1979. The building sat vacant for several years. Recently, Hall passed away, and his estate put the building up for sale.

Elburn Building and Zoning Enforcement Officer Jim Stran said that the building was not in good repair. It was over 100 years old and had only surface repairs done to it at the request of the village in 2008.

“We’ve had a number of people who contacted the village to see about developing it, but when they got inside, they could see that it was not cost-effective to bring the building into compliance,” Stran said.

Stran said that Kevin Schmidt purchased the building and has done all the testing for asbestos removal and air sampling that were required. Stran said he believes the owner will fill in the hole created by the foundation.

Schmidt could not be reached for comment about what he intends to do with the downtown lot.

Photos: Standing for over 100 years, the old “Doc Hall” building, located on the corner of Route 47 and North Street in downtown Elburn, was torn down Monday, with cleanup on the property continuing through the week. Photos by Mary Herra and Ben Draper