Editorial: Help improve your community, join a Kaneland advisory committee

By on January 20, 2011

One of the measures of the strength in a community is how involved its members are in public activities.

The Kaneland community is a community of communities, tying together numerous villages from Maple Park to Montgomery. It is often difficult to keep in mind that actions taken in one municipality can have a profound impact on another miles away, yet because of the mutual connection to Kaneland, that is the case.

Additionally, it can be difficult for residents without children attending Kaneland to feel that connection to the district or to the communities in which they are connected because of their shared school district.

Yet, even if a Kaneland resident has no children attending the district, they are impacted by the district’s decisions, and should therefore have a place at the table when it comes time to impact those decisions.

In addition to its elected School Board positions, Kaneland offers other ways for interested volunteers help steer the district’s future. Kaneland has a Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) and Finance Advisory Committee (FAC), and the district is currently seeking community members to fill out their ranks.

The CAC’s mission is to advise the Kaneland administration and School Board on educational and other, general issues that come before the district.

According to a Kaneland release sent out Tuesday, CAC members study and discuss various issues that come before the district, reporting their results to the School Board. The committee also advises School Board members in regard to school and district policy, and they serve as a facilitator to help foster cooperation and communication between the district and the communities.

The FAC serves a very similar function as the CAC, except that it is focused specifically on financial matters.

“In preparing to add members to these committees, please know that the selection committees will seek representation from the various attendance areas within the Kaneland community,” Tuesday’s release stated. “We seek a cross section of opinions and educational perspectives with a general ability to work constructively with others.”

Regardless of your political views or if your opinions align with any particular individual or group, your input and advice is valuable to the Kaneland School District. And since the decisions made by Kaneland affect everyone—no matter what Kaneland community you call home—we hope to see a significant response of interested individuals to their call for more members.

This is true whether or not you have children who are currently Kaneland students.

“More than 50 percent of Kaneland households have no school-aged children in them, and those households should be represented on this committee,” the release said.

The best way to make your community stronger is to get involved in it, and if you are searching for a way to give, we hope you contact Beth Sterkel at the Kaneland School District main office, at (630) 365-5111, ext. 109, or by e-mail at beth.sterkel@kaneland.org. Applications are due Tuesday, March 1.