Letter: In defense of Scout Park

By on January 27, 2011

They say that hindsight is 20/20. Evidently the current mayor of Elburn has concluded that open space and small parks are not important now that our village has stopped growing and our property values are in decline. However, just a few short years ago, the Village Board was primarily focused on comprehensive planning, especially with controlling growth.

A previous Village Board decided to purchase and set aside a small park for the future. This board carefully considered the purchase, believing it was also securing the corner of what could become a future municipal campus.

That lot, now called Scout Park, was paid in full with funds that came from developer contributions, not from our village property taxes. Selling it now at a time that will most certainly create the maximum loss on the village’s investment is short-sighted.

And blaming others for trying to do the right thing under a different set of challenges than those faced today is just plain petty.

Dr. James L. Willey