Snow removal causes more concerns

By on January 28, 2011

KANEVILLE—The current state of snow removal in Kaneville has caused problems, and the Village Board is still working to fix them.

“I’ve never seen these roads in such bad condition,” said Trustee Paul Ross.

There have been more complaints regarding slippery roads, some covered in ice, as well as the infrequency of the plowing.

“The contract states that there needs to be 2 inches of snow before they come plow,” said Board President Bob Rodney, “But at an inch, I think we will need to ask them to come salt.”

The board said that for now, it is a trial-and-error process. Also, they feel part of the problem may be that the company is not located in Kaneville, and as a result is not directly aware of the current state of the roads.

“We lost the personal perspective,” Ross said. “Someone that lives in the area would know when to throw down some salt when needed.”

They hope to be able to solve these problems, as they are trying to avoid canceling the current contract.

“We are going to increase communication,” Rodney said. “It is between ourselves and the contractor to work out these problems. We will see how they respond in the future.”