Village Board authorizes grant application

By on January 28, 2011

by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Jan. 19 voted 6-0 to authorize an application for a federal IKE grant that will fund drainage improvements in the Mallard Point and Rolling Oaks subdivisions that have been plagued by drainage problems since late 2008.

The Disaster Recovery Public Infrastructure grant funds any projects, including sewer and storm drainage systems, created to help alleviate flooding and any additional water-related issues brought on by Hurricane Ike, a Category 4 hurricane that formed and lasted just under two weeks in September 2008.

According to village documentation, the grant will help fund a subsurface system designed to effectively collect and transport the groundwater, storm water and agricultural tile flow that have led to severe drainage problems in the two subdivisions.

“Hurricane Ike pushed up a lot of gulf moisture, which resulted in severe rain and flooding in the area,” Village President Sean Michels said. “That was really the start of the wet season which brought on a lot of ground water, and we think that’s what triggered some of the flooding in the basements of Mallard Point residents. I think it was about two months after Ike first hit that we started getting complaints about the flooding.”

Michels said the grant will help offset the cost to install a drain tile that will relieve flooding in the two subdivisions and prevent future flooding. According to village documentation, the estimated cost of the total project is $1,453, 970.

“I don’t think we applied for a particular dollar amount, but we submitted an (application) with our total cost, and the grant administrator will determine how much money will be allocated to our project,” Michels said. “Kane County’s getting up to, I think, $750,000 (in grant money), so they have the right to allocate those funds over all projects like this.”