Letter: Mediacom demonstrated good customer service

By on March 5, 2009

For the record, I am not an employee of Mediacom, nor am I related to anyone at Mediacom.

I switched to Mediacom service-phone, cable, and Internet-in December from AT&T and a satellite company because I was able to get a very good combined deal saving me money and ending the blackouts when snow or heavy rain affected my satellite service.

I had a minor installation problem-technical in nature. Converter box and TV not in sync-480i vs 720p-whatever that means, and a billing installation problem. A second repair man dispatched the next day recognized the box/TV incompatibility problem and was able to fix it with a couple clicks of the controller, and carefully explained to me how to access the menu features if needed. Note: The box has to be turned off.

After not getting satisfaction from a service rep or his supervisor at the call center (replying to) my billing problem, I asked for and was promptly given the direct number to a Mediacom Vice President. I left a detailed voice message that evening and was pleasantly surprised when she called back early the next day, apologized, and had already fixed the bill to my satisfaction, and then some.

I’m retired now, but spent the last 30 years of my career managing customer service call centers and order fulfillment operations, so I believe I’m pretty well qualified to judge customer service performance. People answering complaint calls and service techs sometimes make mistakes or aren’t always as well trained as they need to be. The measure of good customer service, however, is how well the follow through, if needed, works. My experiences so far with Mediacom problem resolution have been very satisfactory. As a former customer service pro, I’m a very good complainer when I have a problem, but always go out of my way to compliment when I’m pleased by satisfactory and prompt problem resolution.

Bob Terry
Sugar Grove