Letter: Disappointed in lack of attendance at candidate forum

By on March 5, 2009

Patricia Romke, I was at the Elburn Candidate Forum on Sunday and was very surprised that you did not attend.

They said you were out walking to get your message out.

All I know is that there were about 70 Elburn folks there to hear from the candidates, and you were not there. I can tell you that the three votes in my household will not be going your way. If you were too busy to take one hour out of your walking to talk to concerned folks, we got your message.

Life is full of choices, and you made a bad one by not attending Sunday’s event. To the rest of the candidates that attended, thank you for your willingness to serve and sharing your valuable time with the voters. And Patricia, I didn’t see you at my door, (and) I was only gone for an hour-and-a-half.

Jim MacRunnels