Letter: A thank you to the village of Sugar Grove

By on February 10, 2011

Great job, Sugar Grove.

Last Wednesday night, at the height of the white-out, a Sugar Grove police officer came to the aid of a stranded motorist at the corner of Denny and Bliss.

That officer was out in that extreme weather for at least an hour and a half, securing the safety of the person in the car. The village of Sugar Grove made sure they posted information on their website immediately, and they got their e-mail alerts (every Sugar Grove resident can sign up for these) out immediately on what decisions the municipal offices in town had made (i.e., fire department was a warming center, schools closed, library closed, and what the plowing procedures were for the public works employees).

Compared to many towns seen on television, Sugar Grove plow drivers, who do a great job in regular weather conditions, did an outstanding job under such extreme conditions. Thank you to all those who worked so hard to make sure our lives were not inconvenienced and kept us safe during that brutal storm.

Pat and Dan Graceffa
Sugar Grove