Letter: A thank you to Kane County

By on February 10, 2011

I would like to take this time to thank the hard-working men and women of Kane County for their efforts during this recent snowstorm.

The employees of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, Office of Emergency Management, the dispatchers of KaneComm, the plow drivers of KDOT, IDOT and all Township Highway Departments, local fire departments and the Good Samaritans who volunteered their services by snowmobile all deserve thanks and praise. During the most difficult conditions, they all worked in a coordinated effort for the safety of those in need of assistance under very difficult circumstances.

Many roads were impassable, and a vigil was kept on all who were stranded or were taken to staging areas and warming stations. I would also like to thank the owners of the BP station at Route 47 at Route 72 for allowing those stranded along Route 47 to stay warm at
their place of business.

Many members of the Sheriff’s Office worked double shifts to guarantee your safety, and if you know any of the people who bravely performed these duties—or if you see them in passing—please thank them for the long hours they worked for your benefit.

Also, this is a reminder of the importance of having a full tank of gas, a cell phone, ice scrapers and blankets in your vehicle during the winter months. Please travel safely during the remaining winter months, and in the event of future blizzard conditions we ask that you not drive unless it is absolutely necessary.

Sheriff Patrick Perez
Kane County