Commission says no, sort of

By on February 12, 2011

Elburn—The Elburn Planning Commission voted against recommending the approval of an application to allow a dog daycare facility in Welch Creek Business Center at 630 Herra St.

Commission members voted the application down on one finding of fact: the effects of such elements as noise, glare, odor, fumes and vibration on adjoining properties.

“It presents as a ‘no’ vote,” Planning Commission Chairman Jeffrey Metcalf said. “We’ve never had a situation like that before. It’s such an unknown. But the Village Board can override it.”

Metcalf said that the vote was more or less a technicality. The board offered conditions that would make it more likely to be passed, including following the noise ordinance, that there be no odors, fewer than 40 dogs at one time, predominantly indoors and communication with the neighbors. The board suggested a 12-month review process to see how things are going.

The application will be referred to the Village Board for a vote on Feb. 22.