Letter: A thank you to the Elburn Fire Department

By on February 17, 2011

This letter is to express my gratitude to the gentlemen of the Elburn Fire Department. They are absolutely awesome. I was stranded in the blizzard the night of Feb. 1, and my son was unable to get to me as he was in Yorkville and couldn’t get through. A policeman took me to the Elburn Fire Department, where I spent the night as we were unable to get through to my home.

What could have been an absolute disaster turned out to be a pleasant experience due to the care and consideration the men of the Elburn Fire Department showed us. They gave us pillows and blankets, fed us and were friendly and funny and made us laugh—all while they were working under stressful conditions and with no sleep.

Thank you, guys—the residents of our community are extremely lucky to have men of your caliber caring about us.

Jane Garman