Letter: P.E. accidents deserve more attention

By on February 17, 2011

I just want to start out by saying accidents do happen. It’s understandable that when kids get into fights or mess around, someone may get hurt. The problem is that accidents also happen in students’ physical education classes.

If someone gets injured in P.E., it’s the teacher’s duty to prevent more damage from happening, to ask the child if he or she is okay, to check for injuries, and then to send the kid down to the nurse. My little brother is just one of the children who didn’t have this happen and, I can tell you, my mom is not happy.

Her question: what were they thinking? My brother came home from school on Wednesday with a gash in his side about two inches in size. His story: gym class, accident, no nurse. He thought that he just had a bruise.

Now, I may be a freshman and therefore seen as inexperienced, but I’m pretty sure they should have done something about it. My mom thinks they should have done something, and I agree. Teachers, please protect the kids.

Morgan Buerke, Freshman
Kaneland High School