Letter: Adults overreacting

By on February 24, 2011

I think that times have changed a lot since our parents were in school. They think that things that were a disgrace in their high school years are still viewed as a bad thing today, which is not always the case.

For example, I think the view on gay and bisexual teenagers has changed quite a bit. Of course, there are still teenagers who don’t think it’s right, but there are many more who accept it and who don’t judge people based on their sexuality.

Another thing I think adults overreact about is teenagers’ ways of expressing themselves, like dying their hair or piercings. When they have a kid who does that, I think their minds automatically go to the fact that their child is “bad.” But, honestly, it’s just a way of expressing our feelings and personalities. I am an A and B student, involved in many activities at school, and yet I pierced my ears by myself. It’s not based on peer pressure, as parents may think; it’s just something I thought would look cool and be fun to do.

Something that’s also talked about a lot is the new technology we have today, like iPods, cell phones, computers, etc. When our parents were kids, they didn’t have all this stuff, so they might have focused more on grades. Adults may think that when we’re on our cell phones and texting all the time, we’re ignoring them, which isn’t true. It’s just our generation and how we communicate with each other.

Overall, parents should realize that times have changed and teenagers aren’t as bad as they think. We just do what we have to now that life has changed drastically.

Kelsy Goodwin
Kaneland High School