Letter: Use the moment of silence as you choose

By on February 24, 2011

The moment of silence could be mistaken as prayer time with a different name, and to some strongly opinionated people and people who try to make something out of nothing to cause problems, it’s something they’ve decided to protest.

However, I think that a moment of silence is something you get to decide what to do with. It gives some a chance to reflect and others a time to actually pray, if that’s what they decide to do. No one is being forced to participate in the act of praying. Students and teachers are free to use the moment of silence in any way they chose.

It is nothing more than an assumption or an overreaction of people who are too sensitive to the idea that this moment is intended to be used on prayer or any sort of religious act. No one has told or directed students to use the time for anything besides a moment of silence to use as they choose.

However you decide to use the moment of silence, I don’t think that there is anything negative about it. If anything, it’s a positive time to reflect, think and consider your day. Choosing to use the time to pray is a personal option.

I think there should not be any reason to bash or hate on something that’s not affecting you personally and doesn’t disturb your freedom of any kind, especially religious freedoms or rights that are particularly being targeted in this situation.

Taylor Phillips
Kaneland High School