Rep. Hatcher: New committee assignments reflect local needs

By on February 25, 2011

YORKVILLE—State Representative Kay Hatcher secured positions on key House Committees that will tackle issues most important to local families, including expanding job opportunities and helping prevent home foreclosure, she announced.

Hatcher (R-Yorkville) said securing a coveted position on the House Financial Institutions Committee was a top priority this spring.

“Unfortunately, the Fox Valley has the highest home foreclosure rate in the state of Illinois,” she said. “Securing a position on the House committee that deals with banks, mortgage companies and other lenders provides families in our district a seat at the table on legislation that may enable them to work through their mortgage difficulties and keep their homes.”

Hatcher said she is also very pleased with her new assignments to committees dedicated to helping create jobs and expand employment opportunities: the House Small Business Empowerment and Workforce Development Committee and the Special Committee on Tourism and Conventions.

“Both of these key committees are dedicated to the same goal: creating good job opportunities for our families and boosting our local economies,” she said. “The Fox Valley has a lot to offer entrepreneurs looking to start or relocate their business, and we have a lot to offer visitors, as well.”

During the 97th General Assembly, Hatcher will also serve on the House Counties and Townships, Public Utilities, and General Services-Appropriations committees.