Village Board approves new Farmers Market management

By on March 4, 2011

by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—Farmers Market vendors in Sugar Grove will now have to learn how to pronounce “Bensidoun.”

The Village Board on Tuesday voted 5-0 to authorize the company Bensidoun USA, Inc., to take over management of the Farmers Market. Several people, including former Farmers Market lead volunteer Pat Graceffa, expect the market to flourish under the operation of Bensidoun Midwest Manager Leslie Cahill.

“I think Leslie Cahill and Bensidoun are the best next step to keep improving on the Sugar Grove Farmers Market, and I think making it a French Market means we broaden, and in some cases, improve on the goods we present weekly,” Graceffa said. “I hope people come give us a look and support local agriculture and entrepreneurs.”

Village President Sean Michels also had kind words for Cahill.

“It sounds like (Leslie) is really motivated to do a good job and get a lot of local businesses to participate, which is a plus,” Michels said.

Cahill has been with Bensidoun the last 13 years and manages several seasonal markets in the area.

“I am absolutely delighted to move ahead with the Sugar Grove French Market. Applications are available for prospective vendors, and we are ready to go. We look forward to a great season,” she said.

Cahill met with Village Administrator Brent Eichelberger, Graceffa and the Sugar Grove Chamber of Commerce on Feb. 23 to discuss Bensidoun taking over management of the Farmers Market. Eichelberger said the meeting went very well.

“We made (Leslie) aware that there is a liquor license available for Farmers Market, so we’ll be supplying her with that information,” Village Trustee Mari Johnson said.

The authorization of the village’s market license agreement with Bensidoun is still subject to attorney review, but Michels said the agreement is pretty much done as long as there are no major changes made.

“It’s just good to have the Farmers Market continue (on),” he said.