Doggie daycare business approved for Welch Creek

By on March 11, 2011

by Lynn Meredith
Elburn—The Elburn Village Board approved an application, with provisions, to allow a daycare facility for dogs in the Welch Creek Business Center at its meeting on Monday.

The business had previously been turned down by the Planning Commission on Feb. 8 on one finding of fact: the effects of possible noise and odor on neighboring properties. Planning Commission Chairman Jeff Metcalf said that while the commission voted not to recommend the plan’s passage, if the owners agreed to conditions, it could likely pass the Village Board.

The conditions require that there be no more than 40 dogs on site, that the facility be reviewed in one year’s time, that it follow the Elburn noise ordinance, and that appropriate shading and landscaping be put in as needed.

Business owner Sarah Smith explained to the board that dog daycare is different than a kennel.

“It’s cage-free. It’s actually baby-sitting dogs,” Smith said. “The dogs love to go there. They work off their energy. They are all running around together, with people constantly monitoring them.”

She said that it’s nothing like the image people have of pent-up dogs, frustrated and barking. She also added that cleanliness is what will make or break her business.

“It has to be really, really clean or people won’t want to take their dogs there,” Smith said.

She explained that while the concept is relatively new—coming into popularity in the last 12 to 15 years—it’s found in almost every community and is run like any other business.

Drew Frasz, who owns the vacant lot to the north, was at first neutral about the facility, but is now a supporter.

“My main concern was dogs outside at night in runs, barking. But that has been completely alleviated. I’m basically here to support it,” he said.