Village Board discusses budget

By on March 12, 2011

by Keith Beebe
SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday evening held a discussion regarding its 2011-12 budget, including general, capital project, debt service, refuse and police pension funds.

According to Village President Sean Michels, the village general budget is currently in good shape, and the discussion’s main purpose was to help the Village Board keep an eye on ancillary budgets that they have little control over but still try to monitor.

Michels said the current general budget has a surplus of about $150,000, and will have a surplus of about $25,000 in 2012 when the fiscal year ends.

“It’s looking good, and I am pleased with how things are progressing,” he said. “By having the surplus, it shows that we’re being fiscally responsible and working hard to keep expenses to a minimum. What we’re doing is trying to put money back into the community by improving their streets and keeping our quality of life up.”

The village is currently focusing on day-to-day operations because it does not have a large surplus to spend on major projects.

“It’s kind of like the discussion we had at the end of tonight: what are we seeing (in terms of) economic development?” Michels said. “New businesses can have an impact on our budget, and we’re expecting McDonald’s to generate about $20,000 a year in new sales tax, so that’ll be good.”