Letter: Vote ‘no’ on FP bond referendum

By on March 17, 2011

Spring voting gets about as much attention as American weight watching, but on April 5, there is one item which deserves an appearance.

The Kane County Forest Preserve wants to borrow $30 million dollars. Housing growth is dead for the moment, so there is no urgency to anything this agency has to offer. Debt implies urgency. Moreover, the Forest Preserve has already demonstrated a proclivity for wasting vast amounts of tax payer money. One of the best examples of that waste is the multiple golf courses it owns. Government-owned golf courses was a good exit strategy for the builders who needed them to inflate their housing values, but it makes no sense for the taxpayer.

A modest house in Kane County now carriers an annual property tax burden of nearly $7,000. That tax would be half in any of the adjacent counties. That’s pretty significant when you put it against a county per capita income of $66,400—10.5 percent of gross income.

Of course, most of that money goes to pay off the unfunded liability created by cheap building permits. It kind of makes one wonder what the builders have over county management. While the common man is trying to figure out how to survive, our biggest builders are driving their Gulf Stream jet in and out of Aurora airport.

Vote no to the Forest Preserve Bond Issue Referendum on April 5. It’s worth showing up.

Jeff L. MacKenzie