Letter: Rising gas prices a nuisance

By on March 24, 2011

With gas prices increasing faster than Usain Bolt running the 100m dash, I’d just like to let you know that my bike will be getting more miles than my car once the weather gets over 55 degrees.

Last week, I gave the kind lady at the gas station $35 and expected a nearly full tank. In return, she gave me a smile and only three-quarters of a tank. At first, I thought there was a mistake, but then I looked closer and saw that gas was up to $3.59. Back in the day, that could get my grandparents a whole week at the movies—with popcorn. The gas prices have become so expensive that a new phobia has been created for the fear of gas pumping—and I can say I suffer from it.

Now, I know the hike in prices isn’t because I didn’t clean my room or because President Obama likes playing cruel jokes on us. The unrest in the Middle East and Northern Africa play a huge role in our suffering. With the turmoil only getting worse, will I soon have to fork over my college savings account to buy enough gas to get me home from school? Okay, well, maybe not my entire savings account, but my entire week’s job earnings is realistic. Thanks, minimum wage.

All I know is that this spring and maybe even in the summer, we’re going to have to deal with those pesky bikers riding on the road. Just make sure you honk or wave at me.

Ryan Noel
Kaneland High School