Letter: In support of Shodeen

By on March 24, 2011

I encourage everyone to support the development proposed by Shodeen.

It is extremely important that a grade separation at the Union Pacific Railroad be built within the shortest time available. Shodeen has a plan, and the preliminary concepts have been approved by the Elburn Village Board. The current plan includes an overpass (grade separation, i.e. bridge) at the Union Pacific Railroad. The pylons have already been built to accommodate the bridge.

I would encourage interested persons to drive through Des Plaines, Ill., Mt. Prospect, Ill., and Arlington Heights, Ill., to observe what I envision Shodeen has in mind. Those are beautiful developments and have created a center for business, condominiums, apartments, senior living and some affordable living.

For those opposed to the development, I offer a different perspective. In 1909, Daniel Burnham proposed a plan for the Chicago area that included a bypass, which more recently has been named the Prairie Parkway. The Prairie Parkway includes parts of Route 47. Let’s suppose for a moment that the Prairie Parkway would come right through Elburn. Route 47 would become four lanes and the sidewalks would disappear.

To get some idea of how that would look, walk along Route 64 in St. Charles. At one corner there is barely room for one pedestrian and certainly no room for a mommy with a baby stroller, creating a serious safety hazard. Do you want that? It could also demand that a grade separation be constructed at the railroad crossing, which more than likely would be an underpass.

We need the Anderson Road/Shodeen development now. It will also serve as a bypass
for traffic. When Anderson Road was built, it was constructed so it could be a four-lane roadway to accommodate additional traffic, especially trucks that now lumber through downtown Elburn.

Also, be sure to support candidates for village trustee who will move the Shodeen development forward.

H. Jack Hansen