Letter: Ask ‘Where has all the money gone?’

By on March 31, 2011

Once upon a time … Well, what I have read must be a fairy tale because I can’t believe it can be a reality. I read the Maple Park Village Board wants to break a commitment that I and former trustees made to the village.

I had the honor of serving as village president and with several trustees who were only dedicated to the village and made several steps to improve the village. When I left office, the new radium-free well was ready to go online, a project that took us eight years to find funding and complete, but the trustees did it.

Casey’s was a month from opening, a project that took full effort and cooperation of the trustees. Maple Park had a new sanitary sewer system, thanks to Mohammed Akrabawi, the village trustees and others too numerous to mention. The Village Board made the sanitary sewer available at no cost to every residence in Maple Park, something the professionals told the board could not be done. The board did it saving every resident money.

Since that time what has been accomplished? More houses, which should bring in more funds to the village in user fees and taxes to operate the same public utilities. We as a Village Board committed to residents that if they would support the projects and pass a bond issue, the bonds would be retired at the end of their term, and everyone’s real estate taxes would go down.

The sewer bonds are up. Your real estate taxes should come down. I read that on the April ballot will be a question to give the Village Board a blank check for $91,000 annually with an annual increase of 5 percent or the percentage of the CPI, whichever is less.

Given the track record of the recent Maple Park village boards and their spending record, is this something you want to do? These boards have spent thousands of your dollars. What do you have to show for their actions? You can give this to them and make liars out of all the good trustees who made their commitment and worked to better the village or vote this fairy tale down, and ask “Where has all the money gone?”

Raymond McAdams
Franklin Grove, Ill.