Maple Park seeks full Village Board

By on April 1, 2011

by David Maas
Maple Park—The village of Maple Park is continuing its search for candidates to fill two seats on the Board of Trustees, which will be open after two current trustees finish their current terms.

“I think it’s the time commitment that is causing the shortage of willing residents,” said Village President Kathy Curtis, “In a community of this size, trustees actually become employees of the village. It’s a lot of work.”

As a member of the board, a trustee is committed to two meetings a month, as well as additional time dependent on subject matter and current projects.

The appointments will be made by the Village President, who is given some freedom with the preliminary process, in order to better make an informed decision.

“I have asked the trustees to assist me in choosing who is awarded the open seats,” said Curtis, “So far, I have heard from four interested residents. I hope to make the new appointments at the May Village Board meeting, so the village can keep working and moving forward.”

The two seats, currently held by Trustees Mark Delaney and Nick Moisa, will become vacant at the end of their terms, on April 30th.

“We have 60 days from the vacancies to make the appointments,” Curtis said.

To be eligible, candidates must have lived in incorporated Maple Park for at least one year. Those interested can contact Curtis by phone, at (815) 209-7666.

“We will be holding a meeting the first or second week of April,” said Curtis, “We want to give each interested person the opportunity to meet with us.”