Q&A: Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District

By on April 2, 2011

Note: Voters can select one candidate.

Candidates for the
Elburn and Countryside
Fire Protection District
Name: James R. Feece
Age: 75
Education and employment background: Farmer and landscaping; graduate of Elburn High School; two years at University of Illinois and service in the National Guard

Name: Christopher Garon
Candidate did not respond.

Name: Brian Schopp
Age: 39
Education and employment background: 1991, Graduated from St. Charles High School; currently working toward associate in Fire Science at Waubonsee Community College; Extensive Fire and EMS training.

How would you define
the role of your office?

Feece: People first; budget and levy; equipment needs.

Schopp: My role in the office of fire trustee would be there to help the Fire Department continue to grow and prosper, support a higher level of training for members of the Fire Department and work on expanding the Fire Departments resources. Expanding our fire and EMS resources into the northern portion of our district by building a third fire station, which would staff at least an ALS Engine Company.

What are the top three priorities
you would focus on if elected,
and how would you address them?

Feece: Working with the chief and his staff, trustees, commissioners, fireman and the public.

Schopp: Continue to support a higher level of training for our members in EMS and firefighting. Continue support of the specialized teams in technical rescue, hazardous materials team, fire investigation and adding additional teams such as a dive/rescue team.

What prompted you
to seek this position?

Feece: Being part of a group of very dedicated men and women serving our community.

Schopp: After living in Elburn for the last 21 years and being an active member of the Fire Department for 22 years, I feel that it is important to have someone on the board who sees what the department’s needs are, where we are now and where we should be going in the future.Through the years I have been at Elburn, I have seen many changes and I know where we should be going.

How do you plan
to achieve your goals?

Feece: Working to continue building and serving our community.

Schopp: The way I plan to achieve my goals are to start with my priority list and get moving on the third fire station and to give support and funding to the specialty teams that we have currently and ones we will be adding in the future.

Why are you the best candidate
for this position?

Feece: Understanding the needs of our fire and medical service.

Schopp: I am the best candidate for this position because I have priorities and high standards I have set that can be accomplished if the remaining board members believe in making our Fire District and personnel the best we can be, not only for our citizens of the district but people passing through our district that may need our services.
The mission of the department is to serve, protect and assist in the safety and well being of the citizens. With my education, experience and leadership,I will assist the members of the department in upholding that mission.