Letter: Thanks for support during these difficult days

By on April 7, 2011

The loss of a loved one is always a difficult time, especially when it is sudden. The only thing that helps a family through a situation like this is the outpouring of love shown by friends and family members. We have been truly blessed by all the expressions of love shown to us since our mother (Dorothy McAdams) passed away peacefully on March 22. It would be impossible to mention each of the people, each of the meals, each of the kind words and each of the expressions of love that have showered us during this difficult time. We would be remiss if we didn’t thank each of you one more time for blessing us. It has been obvious during the past few weeks that our mother was a woman loved by many. If you ever visited our mom, you know that she expressed her love through her food. She loved her family, she loved her friends and she loved food. There was a thin line between those she counted as family and those she counted as friends. To her if you were a friend, you were family. Either way, you knew you were loved when she went to the refrigerator and started pulling out food. Her legacy is her children, grandchildren and great-grandchild. Her legacy is her family. Her legacy is her love of cooking and feeding those she loved. Thank all of you again for all you have done during this difficult time in our lives. Please don’t be afraid to share stories with us when you see us. It helps to share memories of the people mom loved. Thank you.

Cindy Heyob, Julie Little,
Steve McAdams, and our families
Maple Park