Letter: A thank you

By on April 14, 2011

I wanted to thank all of you who supported me during my campaign for village trustee.

It was a lot of hard work since the late fall. I visited over 1,000 homes in Sugar Grove since late February, and it was great talking to you. It gave me a chance to understand your issues and concerns, and it provided an opportunity to share my vision for the village. It was great to hear the passion for the village from the residents, and how they want to make our town a better place to live and work.

I realize the importance of bringing in new businesses into the village and making sure any new opportunity makes sense for the residents. The good news is there are businesses coming to our village that will provide needed tax revenues, and they will also provide full- and part-time jobs.

I also realize the need to have much needed street and sidewalk repairs. Providing safe streets and sidewalks is a priority, and I will do all I can to help provide a resolution.

I also welcome our residents to keep active with your government, and assure them that I am here to listen to your concerns. Having open government is critical, and your voice is important.

I am looking forward to representing you for the next four years, and working with Tom Renk, Mari Johnson, Bob Boehler, Rick Montalto, Kevin Geary and President Michels. We are all dedicated to making Sugar Grove a success.

Thanks again for all of your support.

David Paluch
Sugar Grove