Board approves summer construction projects

By on April 15, 2011

by Keith Beebe
KANELAND—The Kaneland School Board on Monday voted 6-0 in favor of granting the administration approval to seek bids for summer 2011 projects, including high school roof and masonry repairs, as well as the completion of any work remaining on a 10-year Life Safety study.

According to a document from the district’s architect, Steven Hougsted of Arcon Associates, Inc., the Life Safety study items include replacement of doors, wire glass and flooring, fire alarm and fire protection work, plumbing and electrical at Kaneland High and Middle School, and both John Shields and John Stewart elementary schools. Roof repair at the high school entails replacement of the section of the roof directly above the Fox Valley Career Center shop classrooms, while masonry repairs includes tuck pointing the walls surrounding the west gym.

The district’s budget for these summer projects is $800,000. According to Hougsted, the cost to complete all three projects is projected at $832,000. However, Hougsted said that he believes competitive bidding will result in the work being completed within the confines of the original budget. If work costs exceed the budget, then either the flooring repair at the middle school or the masonry repair at the high school will be postponed.

“What we’re looking at doing is repair and roof renovation work; we want to finish the entire rest of the projects on the Life Safety study,” said Dr. Julie-Ann Fuchs, assistant superintendent for business. “Once we do that, Steve Hougsted will be able to submit our application to the state (stating) that we have completed all of those (Life Study projects) … and then we’ll get signed off, and then we won’t have to do the 10-year study again for just a couple more years.”

According Hougsted’s document, ARCON projects the cost of the Life Study project repair and renovation work at $200,000, the high school roof repair at $405,000, and the high school masonry repair at $127,000. A document from Fuchs states that part of the work will be bid as an alternate, which will give the board the option to either accept or reject that particular bid depending on how many bids are submitted under the budgeted amount.