Trustees discuss changing treasurer compensation

By on April 15, 2011

by Lynn Meredith
Elburn—Trustees at the Elburn Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday discussed raising the salary of the Village Treasurer, Mike Greenen, from $2,000 annually to $3,000, the same rate as board members receive. The last pay raise for the treasurer was approximately 15 years ago.

Village Administrator Erin Willrett noted that with a one-person financial department that consists of one bookkeeper, Greenen’s expertise as a CPA is needed to meet auditor requirements. Often, his services result in hours of pro bono work.

“He has done an awful lot for us for the last two years,” Village President Dave Anderson said. “He has gone above and beyond the function of the treasurer.”

In addition to the essential function and job description as treasurer of safe-guarding the village’s funds, Greenen has lent his CPA knowledge to special projects without being compensated. He has reviewed quarterly filings and worked on the IMRF issue, among other tasks.

Anderson said that he’d like to see Greenen be allowed to submit invoices for hourly compensation for this additional work. Other trustees spoke in support of both the raise and the invoicing allowance.

“We’re not going to find someone with his dedication and his qualifications to do what he does,” Trustee Bill Grabarek said.