Letter: St. Gall centennial

By on April 28, 2011

St. Gall Catholic Church, Elburn, would like to thank the village of Elburn for recognizing our church and our centennial anniversary this year by presenting the church with an Official Proclamation.

The focuses of our centennial celebrations have been on our faith family and identifying those initial family members who helped start our church. We are hoping to locate descendants of the following families:

Abrahamson, Altepeter, Bent, Berringer, Bray, Burke, Burns, Butler, Callophy, Cannata, Carmody, Carney, Cheli, Chrystal, Clements, Cloney, Colling/Cullinge, Collins, Connell, Connelly, Connors, Conroy, Conway, Corrigan, Crosby, Crowe, Dafazzio, Deckert, Delmonti, Derrick, Derwin, Dobson, Domino, Dooley, Drennan, Dwyer, Farrell, Flynn, Frost, Gaffney, Gannon, Gill, Griffith, Grumhaus, Guerins/Guirens, Haley, Hall, Hankes, Hannon, Hennegan, Heusinger, Honaert, Kappers/Koppers, Kauth, Kearney, Keefe, Keegan, Keenan, Kelly, Kent, Kiefer/Keifer, Kluss/Cluss, Komes, Lawrence/Laurence, Leik, Letheby, Leuer, Listel, Long, Lorang, Lorenz, Lubner, Lucy, Lyons, Matthews, Maund, McCabe, McCawley, McDonnell, McElligott, McMahon, McNamara, McNicholas, McNicholls, Medernach, Merrick, Meyer(s), Meyerhofer, Miles, Milnamow, Momper, Monsell, Moore, Mullaney, Murphy, Murray, Nash, Neir, Newton, Nix, O’Brien, O’Connell, O’Donovan, O’Neal, Palmer, Pollard, Porter, Powers, Purcell, Quirk, Reilly, Riordan, Roach, Rooney, Ryan, Schmit(t), Scully, Seavey, Shaw, Sheahy, Shelmody, Shoop, Simons, Smith, Sohns, Stanford, Stowe, Sullivan, Theridau, Thomas, Tierney, Tolluto, Tullets, Walsh / Welsh, Warne, Weisberger, Welter, Westwood, White, Willey, Winterhalter, Wittry, and Young.

If you are a descendant of any of these families, please contact the Parish Office at (630) 365-6030 or Laura Chaplin at laura@stgall.com.

Father Karl Ganss
Pastor, St. Gall Church