Elburn passes budget with 4-1 vote

By on April 29, 2011

Sticking point for ‘no’ vote was personnel raises
by Lynn Meredith
ELBURN—The Elburn Village Board officially passed its 2011-12 fiscal year budget in a special Village Board meeting Monday. The vote was 4-1, with Ken Anderson opposed and Jerry Schmidt present but abstaining.

“We have an ending balance from last year of $5,325,902. That’s $1.1 million to the positive,” Village President Dave Anderson said. “This year’s budget, we probably won’t have as many line changes. We ended up with $280,000 more in the bank than we started with this fiscal year.”

The budget includes a 2 percent raise for all personnel, except administrators, and a contract-mandated raise of 3 percent for police.

Trustee Ken Anderson voted “no” to the budget on the issue of providing raises to village employees during these tough financial times.

“I appreciate everybody and the hard work they do for the village of Elburn. I would love to be able to (give the raises), but the time now is not the time to do it,” Ken Anderson said. “I’m trying to be fiscally responsible and continue to be ready for difficult times. Salaries are a major expense.”

Ken Anderson said that a variety of things could happen this year, such as the state not matching funds. Others believed that the village is in good shape.

“We have a cushion now in case we have something like a well issue,” Trustee Jeff Walter said. “We have enough to help us through a difficult time.”

The board also passed a supplemental budget appropriation that provides for the expenditure of funds not foreseen at the time the budget is adopted. The appropriation for this fiscal year is 1.2 percent over the budget.