Board says goodbye, hello

By on May 6, 2011

by David Maas
Maple Park—The Maple Park Village Board said farewell to two trustees on Tuesday, and after a long process, appointed two new trustees to fill the vacancies.

After years of service to the village, Mark Delaney and Nick Moisa sat in on their last meeting, in which they were permitted a final time to speak as a trustee.

“I’d like to thank Nick Moisa,” Delaney said. “Ten years ago, when I was president of the village, I recommended him to fill a trustee seat, and I thank him for that.”

Delaney then went on to address the board as a whole.

“I’ve tried to do the best I could,” Delaney said. “And I wish you all the best in the future.”

Delaney served as a trustee for three years, after years of previously working for the village.

Moisa then spoke, first thanking the residents.

“Thank you for the past 10 years,” Moisa said, “It was a privilege and honor to do this job for you.”

Moisa then turned to address Greg Cutsigner and Steve Nowak, the village’s new trustees.

“I want to thank you, Greg and Steve,” Moisa said. “You’re now representatives to the residents. Some have been here for years and some have just moved in recently, but they all like the small-town ambiance. Your challenge is to keep the village small and vibrant. Allow to let it grow, but don’t let it get away. You’ve got the tools to work with.”

Before Delaney and Moisa vacated their seats, the board thanked them for their years of hard work for the village.

“This is a great village,” Moisa said, thanking the board again. “With great people, and great public service.”