Village to extend water main between Prairie Glen, Dugan Woods

By on March 13, 2009

by Susan O’Neill
The Sugar Grove Village Board on March 3 agreed to extend the water main between Prairie Glen Subdivision along Route 30 and Municipal Drive and Dugan Woods Subdivision to the west.

Engineering Enterprises, Inc. estimated the cost of the project at $417,000, including engineering and construction.

According to Village President Sean Michels, between $400,000 and $415,000 is left over from the bond issuance not used for the Municipal Drive and Galena Boulevard extensions available for the project. In addition, he said that funding from the existing water and sewer tap-on fees would be sufficient to fill in the gap.

The extension will enable the village to provide better water service to both subdivisions by improving overall water quality, ensuring adequate fire flow in case of an emergency and eliminating two sections of dead-end water main, Director of Public Works Tony Speciale said.

The board will vote on the project at its next regularly scheduled meeting.