Guest editorial: A special thanks to our neighbors

By on May 12, 2011

by Steven Anderson, Elburn
Two months ago, my wife, Cari, and I really didn’t know too many people in this small town called Elburn. I don’t think we realized just how great this community really is.

When Cari was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the first thing that went through my mind had nothing to do with fundraisers or medical bills, but rather how we were going to beat the tumor and the recovery that is still going on. It was at this point that Sue and Mike Davis offered assistance to ease some of the burdens. I could give a thousand thank you’s, but in the end it still wouldn’t be enough to show my gratitude and appreciation to this community.

My first thanks go out to Mike and Sue Davis. These are some wonderful people who offered so much when everything seemed so bleak. When Mike and Sue found out about Cari, they immediately asked what they could do. I had too many things on my mind to even come up with anything. Sue asked if she could contact a few people on my behalf. Her husband, Mike, contacted Gary Augustine of Elburn Hill Church and got the ball rolling.

Gary and his wife have been instrumental with help and resources, and for that I am very grateful. I also give thanks to the congregation for providing meals for my kids and mother, since I spent 80 percent of my time at the hospital. Richard and Annette Theobald, the owners of Paisano’s Pizza and Grill, provided meals and gift certificates. Because of their generosity, I was able to put food on the table without having to lose my mind over what to make. They have gained a customer, since my kids just love the pizza. I would like to thank Old Towne Pub and Eatery and Jason Cellini for the support they have shown.

I wish to express my thanks to Dr. Keith Hougas of Eye on Elburn for providing an exam and glasses for me. My military insurance doesn’t cover vision, and with our other concerns, glasses were going to have to wait. Sue Davis contacted the Lions Club and told them about my situation and got their help. Just last week, I picked up the glasses I needed, so thank you, Dr. Hougas and the Lions Club.

Midtown Martial Arts instructor Master Richard Temmerman holds a special place in my heart. I was a student of his when I was a high school student in the early ‘90s, and he is now a teacher of two of my boys. His demonstration last week has helped more than he knows. Though under no compulsion to do so, he spent a lot of time and effort putting the fundraiser together. I also want to thank the black belts who performed and made it all possible.

There are so many more people I want to thank—people I don’t even know, and people who wish to remain unknown. There were some people at the demonstration (who) approached me and thanked me for my service to this country. Forgive me if I seemed apprehensive in any way. I just wish to say you’re welcome, but in all actuality, the thanks belongs to you.