Scoping out sink holes in Heritage Hills

By on March 13, 2009

by Lynn meredith
The Maple Park Village Board voted to take a closer look at an 18-inch pot hole at the intersection of Chester and Fabia in the Heritage Hills subdivision. Public Works Director Eric Pinion expressed concern that the leaking storm drains might cause the street to cave in if repairs are not made.

“It’s a very expensive project, but it’s got to be done this summer, or we’re going to start losing our streets,” Pinion said.

The problem is that the original design called for a rectangular top to sit on a round concrete structure creating gaps where it sticks out on the sides. According to Village Engineer Ralph Tompkins, if the gaps are not properly sealed, the frost brings it up and eventually the mortar begins to fall out. If dirt, rather than gravel, is used to back-fill, it will settle and create hollow spots under the street.

“We’re talking about a design problem. It’s not unique to Maple Park,” Village Attorney Pat Bond said. “If it was built according to the specifications at the time, then there’s not much you can do.”

The problem is common and often shows up 10 years after a subdivision is built, Tompkins said.

The village approved the use of a scoping camera to see the extent of the problem.

“Due to the emergency nature of the pot holes, I move we hire Elliot Wood to dig up and televise both the storm sewer and the sewer line to make sure there’s no significant damage, based on our engineers looking at the viewing, and to go ahead and complete the repair at the intersection of Chester and Fadia,” Chairman of the Streets Committee Mark Delaney said.