State could sink village budget

By on May 20, 2011

Anderson calls for community support to keep village funds
by Lynn Meredith
ELBURN—Village President Dave Anderson will head to the state capital in Springfield this week to voice his concerns about pending legislation, and he called for the community to join in and express their views as well. The proposed legislation would rescind the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF), which gives back to municipalities a portion of the income tax collected by the state.

Anderson encourages citizens to call or e-mail representatives to make it clear that this legislation would adversely affect Elburn and communities like Elburn whose populations have tipped the 5,000 mark.

“E-mail (state Senator) Chris Lauzen. Write him a letter. E-mail (state Representative) Kay Hatcher. Write her a letter. This should not be happening. We have a group here (the Village Board) that’s been pretty financially astute in dealing with issues as they come up. This is going to be tough,” Anderson said.

He said that if the legislation passes, it will keep over $130,000 that was collected in income taxes from Elburn residents, the equivalent of 30 percent of the village’s budget.

“It’s your money coming back to you if you live in the village of Elburn. The village of Elburn provides snowplowing, water and sewer … The state of Illinois doesn’t provide it,” he said. “We’re not going to plow snow at two inches. We may not plow it at six inches …We’ve got to pay our bills. We’re not going to put ourselves in debt.”

The LGDF was established in 1969, when municipalities agreed with then-Gov. Oglive to support a state income tax on the condition that municipalities receive back a portion of monies collected from their residents.

Our local representatives
State Representative Kay Hatcher
50th District
Springfield Office: (217) 782-1486
District Office: (630) 553-3223

State Senator Chris Lauzen
25th District
Springfield Office: (217) 782-0052
District Office: (630) 264-2334