Geological feature part of middle school’s name

By on March 13, 2009

by Lynn Meredith
The new middle school has a new name. The School Board approved “Kaneland Harter Middle School” at its meeting on Monday. It also named the north-south road that leads onto the campus, “Esker Road. ” The name refers to the esker that runs all throughout the area.

An esker is a large gravel vein in the earth that is the result of glacial activity. The Kaneville Esker is a series of gravel deposits in the shape of a hook that were left when the ice melted. It is the source of the sand and gravel that are mined in the district and underlies part or all of the school site.

“It’s a footprint from a glacier,” Superintendent Charlie McCormick said. ” The name is a nod to the geological formation that’s unique.”

With input from the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, the decision was made to not name the school “Harter Road School” because Harter Road is not the address of the school. They wanted a name that suggested the location of the school but did not confuse people as to the correct address.

“Naming the school after a road that is not its address some see as somewhat odd,” McCormick said. “Harter Road School on Esker Drive is confusing.”

Some had concerns that “Harter School” implies that the school is named after a person. In fact, Samuel Harter was a farmer in the Lone Grove area of Kaneville Township in the mid- to late-1800s. He served as road commissioner and on the board of education.

The board chose the name with the intent to not have to rename it in the future if a second school is built.