Letter: Townhome resident behavior ridiculous

By on May 25, 2011

One thing that I value most about living in Elburn is the village’s commitment to family and community. Elburn is an awesome family-friendly place to live and raise a family. That is why my son and I moved here 11 years ago. We have many families with children in our neighborhood, and we love it.

We are fortunate to have a large, grassy area owned by the village at the corner of Willow and 3rd streets, where kids from all over the neighborhood and of all ages gather to play ball and have fun. Unfortunately, a few of the residents living in the townhomes that border the play area have consistently tried to prevent the children from playing in this public field.

Here are some of the actions taken by these residents over the past few years:

1. Calls to the police because the children are making too much noise—the most frequent complainer is a school teacher.
2. Threats to the children “to move their ball game or else.”
3. Sun tanning for hours at a time on the third base line so the children cannot play ball.
4. Photographing the children at play—pictures taken by the school teacher for reasons unknown.
5. Complaints that the grass is being ruined.

The grassy area is owned by the village. It is public property. As a parent of a child that plays in this field, and as a citizen of Elburn, I am tired of these people acting as if they own the area. They do not. This is absolutely ridiculous.

• Stop threatening my child and all his friends.
• Stop taking photographs.
• Stop complaining about the “sounds” of children playing outside.
• Stop trying to make our family-friendly Elburn into a place that it is not.

Our kids have found an entertaining, constructive and healthy way to spend many hours. Why would anyone want to take that away? If the sounds of children playing outside are so disruptive to your life, then please, please do us a favor and close the windows that face the play area and turn on your air conditioning or move.

Shaun R. Cushna