McConnaughay assigns Metra task force

By on May 27, 2011

by Lynn Meredith
KANE COUNTY—Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay announced the formation of a task force to recommend a replacement for the Kane County appointee on the Metra Board. McConnaughay asked Carol Van Overeirie to step down in the wake of financial improprieties by the former and now deceased Metra Executive Director that left the board, in McConnaughay’s words, “embattled and entrenched.” She also advocates for the resignation of the entire Metra Board.

“I believe that we must take proactive steps to reassess our Kane County representation on the Metra Board, not only during this time of crisis but for the future viability of the Metra system,” McConnaughay wrote in a letter to Kane County Board members.

The task force is made up of County Board members who serve on the transportation committee and represent communities with Metra rail lines. County Board member Drew Frasz will represent Elburn in the task force. With the new redistricting that will go into effect in November 2012, Frasz’s district will represent Blackberry and Kaneville townships, as well as parts of Campton and Virgil townships, roughly half the former size of the current structure.

The task force met on Tuesday to review the responsibilities of the Metra Board of Directors and develop criteria for consideration of appointment.

“The task force will look over what the position entails and the demands on the new appointee. Our goals are to learn the responsibilities of the job and define the position,” Frasz said.

The appointment is open to any Kane County resident that will begin Friday, May 27. Applicants should send a resume and cover letter that details what relevant qualifications they have to serve.

“They should be well-versed in transportation issues and have experience working on boards and committees,” Frasz said.

The task force will accept applications, interview and recommend the best qualified individual to represent Kane County’s interests on the Metra Board.

McConnaughay will appoint the individual with the advice and consent of the County Board.