Elburn names first police commissioners

By on June 3, 2011

by Lynn Meredith
ELBURN—The Elburn Village Board approved the appointments of three commissioners to the first Police Commission in the history of the village. Illinois law requires the village president appoint a commission 30 days following the official notification that the village has exceeded 5,000 residents.

Village President Dave Anderson appointed Wayne Byerhoff, Wiley Overly and Judy Van Bogart to the Police Commission.

Anderson said that he chose Byerhoff because of his expertise in police procedure, Overly because of his American Legion and military experience, and Van Bogart because of her business experience.

The commission is responsible for hiring, firing and discipline issues within the Police Department. This autonomous body reports to the board but is not bound by the board’s consent in police matters.

The new commissioners will draw for who serves one year, who serves two years and who serves three years. After the first year, one person will be appointed each year in May.

Anderson recommended, and the board approved, compensation of $1,000 per year per commissioner, roughly equivalent to what the Fire District pays its commissioners.

“They’ve got some tasks ahead of them. They’re going to have their hands full,” Anderson said.

The Police Commission will itself appoint a pension committee of six members who must be chosen by specific rules and regulations as to their competencies and who must take continuing education credits yearly.