Editorial: Proactive effort pays off

By on June 9, 2011

As word spread that the state legislature was considering eliminating Local Government Distributive Funds (LGDF)—the portion of income taxes collected by the state and returned to municipalities—Elburn Village President Dave Anderson joined a group of nearly 40 mayors and village presidents from throughout the state in Springfield.

They gathered to publicly urge the legislature to leave the LGDF alone, thereby protecting significant portions of municipal funds—for example, approximately 30 percent of Elburn’s budget each year.

The group spread the word to their respective communities, they contacted their respective representatives, and then they gathered in Springfield, organizing a press conference and spreading the message that damaging nearly every Illinois municipality to help ease the state’s bloated budget is not a legitimate decision.

While it is impossible to know the exact impact the group had on the situation, what is known is that the idea was never brought up on the state floor and no legislation was proposed.

It is also impossible to know if the idea would have gathered momentum and turned into legislation had the group not been proactive and taken their message to the public and to Springfield. Thankfully, there was a group of proactive community leaders from throughout the state to help ensure that we did not have to find out what may have happened.

The idea that the state would create significant shortfalls in each municipality’s budget to help pay for its own budget shortfall was idiotic, and we should thank those who took proactive steps to help ensure that such an extreme decision to cover up such an extreme state failure never saw the light of day.