The second time around

By on June 19, 2011

You’re getting married again, but this time, it is for keeps. You have found your soul mate, and the two of you want to express your love for each other and exchange vows in front of everyone you know. You’re definitely going to have a wedding, and as the bride, one of the first questions you have is what type of dress and accessories to wear. This is your second wedding, after all. You’re not supposed to wear white, right? Wrong!

The notion that women getting married again should not wear white is passe. A symbol of joy and commitment, white makes an excellent choice for a wedding dress color the second, third or subsequent time around. Off-white, ivory and pastels are also popular. Brides can even disband with light colors altogether and go for bolder, deeper colors, like burgundy, dark green or red.

The dress chosen should reflect the time, size and tone of the wedding, as well as the bride’s personality, lifestyle and fashion sense. It should also flatter her body type, playing up her strengths and downplaying her weaknesses.

As for accessories, brides getting married again may go with almost anything but a blusher. Experts advise against this and suggest brides that want to wear a veil let it trail down their back. For those who choose not to wear a veil, hats, hair ornaments and fresh flowers make excellent substitutes.

When it comes to the dress and accessories for your second wedding, you practically have free reign. You can go with the traditional or spread your wings and try something new. You may wear a gorgeous beaded white dress with a long train or a short red dress with spaghetti straps. It is entirely up to you. Just make sure you look stunning!
by Tresa Erickson, MultiAd