Letter: JoJo the Clown hopes you join her this summer

By on June 23, 2011

JoJo the Clown is making plans for the 4th of July bike parade. Everyone is welcome to join in. If you have a bike, come ride with JoJo, but if you have a tractor or an antique car or are a dog walker or have a golf cart like JoJo’s ( but no one has a golf cart like JoJo’s “Clown Victoria”), come join the parade. Bikes can be decorated or not.

Parade line up will start at the front parking lot at John Shields School. Be there at 12:30 p.m., and will will start lining up; the parade starts with the pledge at 1 p.m. The fire and police departments will be there. The legion color guard will be leading us. The Park District will be handing out freeze pops after the parade. JoJo says “Be there or be square!” She also hopes everyone will come enjoy the fun.

JoJo missed the first French Market because she was sick, but her friend Calico Rose was there and she said it was great and so much fun. JoJo will be at the French Market the first Saturday of the month. So look for JoJo and friends in July, August, September and October.

The nice people who organize the Corn Boil have asked JoJo to lead the Corn Boil opening parade, so come to the opening parade on Friday, July 29. JoJo will be at the Corn Boil in the Between Friends Food Pantry tent. The Food Pantry have asked JoJo to help them.

They are always in need of toilet paper all the time. So JoJo is asking all the kids that come for face painting and balloons to sponsor a roll of Toilet Paper for the Food Pantry. So if you see the words “toilet paper,” think of JoJo and bring a roll of toilet paper for the Food Pantry.

JoJo will be seeing you all through the summer.

Love ya all,

(aka Karen McCannon)
Sugar Grove