Library recognizes volunteers

By on June 27, 2011

Sugar Grove—The Sugar Grove Library Board recognized 11 volunteers at the June 9 board meeting: Andrew Jacobson, Chuck Hughes, Jackie Conrad, Judy Juszak, Lori Petry, Rena Duffy, Sally Bruce, Sandy Young, plus three juvenile volunteers.

Members of this group individually provided over 30 hours of volunteer time to the library during this past year. They contributed 933.5 combined hours to the library. Thirty-four volunteers helped to contribute an additional 784 hours. These 45 volunteers have contributed 1,492.5 hours to the library.

In the last few years 13 volunteers have reached the milestone of individually donating over 100 cumulative hours to the library. New on this list would be volunteers Juszak, Petry, Bruce and two juvenile volunteers.

Volunteer projects range from folding papers to managing the library computer network. Many volunteer hours were dedicated to the process of weekly shelving activities and Program assistance. Many library volunteers also volunteer with the Library Friends. Volunteer time given to the Sugar Grove Library Friends benefits the library through the Friends activities but is not tracked by the library.

The Sugar Grove Library is located in Sugar Grove at the corner of Municipal and Snow streets.