Letter: Field of Dreams rescues 21-year-old horse

By on July 7, 2011

Willie, a sweet and handsome 21-year-old thoroughbred gelding, was recently rescued by Field of Dreams (FOD), a horse rescue and adoption organization in Batavia.

Willie was found severely emaciated with a dull, patchy hair coat and no recent veterinary care. He had been neglected and was in great need of a safe haven.

Syd Marcus, a strong supporter and volunteer at FOD, was an instrumental part in finding Willie and taking the initiative to rescue him. She contacted FOD out of great concern for Willie’s well-being, and has worked closely with FOD for over a month taking the proper steps to save him.

Marcus has also offered financial support in this effort, as well as for other horses that have been rescued by FOD.

Willie arrived safe and sound at the Field of Dreams barn on May 12, and has been adjusting well. Since arriving at FOD, he has been vaccinated, dewormed and his diet is being carefully regulated to allow him to gain weight safely.

He is very gentle and loving to all the volunteers that work so hard to care for him and his stable mates. Once Willie is rehabilitated, he will be looking for his forever home.

Updates on Willie’s progress can be viewed on the new Field of Dreams website, when it is activated in the next few weeks at www.fodhra.org.

If you would like to help contribute to Willie’s care, or to other horses in our rescue, please contact us at fodhra1@yahoo.com. We have beautiful, loving horses that are currently looking for a devoted family they can call their own. The best way to get in touch with us would be to send us an e-mail.

Field of Dreams provides a safe haven for abused and neglected horses, as well as horses coming from loving homes whose owners can no longer care for them. We promote volunteering before anyone adds an equine companion to their home so people can see what the true responsibilities of horse ownership are all about.

Animals are not supposed to be a throw-away commodity—they are a family member and should be respected as such.

Laurie Marsiglio
Field of Dreams