Letter: Thank you for tax assessment seminar

By on March 19, 2009

I want to thank the Blackberry Township Assessor Uwe Rotter for hosting his monthly seminar on tax assessments and how it affects your real estate bill.

Assessor Rotter explained how the state of Illinois requires all township assessors to value your home based on the sales of simular homes during the previous three years. The law does not allow him to consider foreclosure and short sales. Therefore, the real estate crash in 2008 will not affect your assessments until next year.

I was surprised to find out next year, even if all assessments are lowered, your tax bill will not decrease unless the taxing bodies (schools, county, city, etc.) lowers the amount of money they request.

Assessor Rotter explained when he was appointed assessor two years ago, the previous administration implemented an office policy that assumed all Mill Creek residents had finished basements. Therefore all of Mill Creek residents tax bills increased. Assessor Rotter reversed this office policy which had resulted in lower tax bills for the homeowners without finished basements.

Assessor Rotter holds these seminars at the Blackberry Township office, located on Main Street. The seminars are on the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of these seminars in order to better understand your assessments and tax bills.

Dave Richmond