Editorial: Thank you for allowing me to serve

By on July 21, 2011

Deborah Seyller
Kane County Circuit Clerk

How can one give up that which they love? When the call of another dream is stronger.

Twenty-two years ago, I landed in the Circuit Clerk’s Office. Shortly thereafter, I accepted a management position with the deliberate intention of not staying in government. But what I discovered was that I enjoyed public service. My growing passion to serve and to make a difference led me to run for Circuit Clerk. That ultimate commitment became my overriding desire.

Throughout my tenure as Circuit Clerk, I challenged traditional thinking. I pushed for positive change. I spearheaded innovation and advances through technology, and I learned much.

As I reflect on my journey, my initial goals, the achievements, my aspirations, and the pending decision to run for office again, my desire to seek a new challenge and adventure is simply too strong to ignore. I have decided not to seek re-election.

Over the last 15 years, I worked to establish the Kane County Circuit Clerk’s Office as an acknowledged leader in technology solutions and the efficiencies that are gained. To that end, I am proud of the combined six awards that my office and I have received in recognition of leadership in government and proactive advances leveraging technology and innovation to improve services and increase productivity. This achievement is unparalleled in government.

My primary goals were to achieve significant improvements aimed to benefit our customers, our judicial system partners, and to automate functions within the Circuit Clerk’s Office. We have introduced many technology firsts with electronics in the court rooms and the judicial system. And this summer, we are introducing a new suite of valuable eServices aimed at improving external customer services, removing delays, reducing data entry, improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing efficiencies. This will represent another innovation first in Illinois.

With the technology plan in place and progressing, there just isn’t a compelling challenge remaining. I have diligently given my best effort and commitment to public service. It has been awesome being your Circuit Clerk, but I am looking forward to discovering my next adventure.

That of which I am most proud of and value are the people with whom I work. They are brilliant, creative partners. They are people who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service under any conditions. They have my gratitude for their loyalty, professionalism, and hard work. I thank my co-workers throughout the county and state for an exceptional work experience. I thank you for the opportunity to be your Circuit Clerk.